Please contact me if you are willing to help!  From hosting a neighborhood "meet and greet" to posting on social media or displaying a yard sign, there are a great number of ways you can support my run for School Committee.  

I have made the decision not to actively seek any financial contributions toward my campaign.  I do not feel that additional funds are necessary for me to commit to serving the community in this capacity.  The greatest support I can ask for is the consideration of your vote.

Thank you to Watertown Sportswear for the contribution of new campaign t-shirts!  I still have some available in adult sizes M to XXL.  There is no charge and I'm happy to drop off to you!  Wearing them around town is a great way to support my campaign!



Watertown News Press Release written by Ken Woodland:

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write today to endorse Jennifer (Holt) Nicholson for Watertown School Committee.

I have known Jennifer and the Holt family for decades and her character and credentials are almost too good to be true. A potential school committee member who attended and graduated from the school system, currently has kids in that system, is actively involved in leadership roles in the PTO and is a teacher!

This level of personal insight into the Watertown school system, combined with a background and training in education, sets Jennifer apart as being exceptionally able to implement positive change and ensure the best possible outcomes for our children. More than even her qualifications, Jennifer’s vision for our schools is one I believe in and share for our students.

She believes in the benefits of a strong, multifaceted public school system and being a part of a community that not only provides the resources necessary for students to succeed but also creates a culture of acceptance and inclusion. All of this accomplished with increased participation, transparency and accountability.

Given the amazing possibilities that come along with her candidacy, I ask all of Watertown to consider voting for Jennifer (Holt) Nicholson on November 2.

Ken Woodland
Stuart Street

Watertown News Press Release written by Steve Messina:

Dear Watertown Voters,

I served for three consecutive four year terms on the Watertown School Committee beginning in the late nineties.

As a candidate, I made one promise to the citizens of Watertown that I would always ask myself one simple question, "Is my vote in the best interest of Watertown's children?"

This year, there is a school committee candidate, Jennifer (Holt) Nicholson, who I am confident will be asking that same question.

I have known Jennifer since she was born.  She has grown into a woman who is passionate about education and fully invested in our community.  She has the drive, intelligence, commitment, and above all, the common sense needed to be an excellent School Committee member.

Please join me in voting for Jennifer Nicholson for Watertown School Committee.

Thank You,

Steve Messina

Written Statement from a WPS K-12 Classmate:

October 2021


I have known Jennifer (Holt) Nicholson since we were both in Ms. Boyd’s Kindergarten class at the Cunniff School and graduated from Watertown High School in 2003. 


Throughout my years in school, I was always the shy and quiet kid in class. I never talked much, but I did take notice of things that were going on around me. Jennifer was an excellent student academically and she was also solid athletically, but most importantly the thing that sets her apart is her kindness and positivity. 


It is something that she and her husband have instilled in their two young children, who I have come to know with their participation in Watertown Recreation Department programming. 


Jennifer’s passion for the Town of Watertown and continuing to fight for our children’s education is unmatched and background as an educator and alum of Watertown Public Schools makes her the ideal candidate for the School Committee. 


Please consider this on November 2. 


Lindsay Graham

Watertown High School Class of 2003

Classmate of Jennifer (Holt) Nicholson 

Written Statement from Former Colleague/Grade 3 Team Teacher:

August 2021

I had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Mrs. Nicholson for four years in a third grade setting at Page Hilltop Elementary School. From 2009-2012, Mrs. Nicholson established many effective changes to our team that we are still using today. During our second year working together, Jennifer wanted to explore team teaching. Team teaching, she said, would allow us the flexibility to create a tiered learning experience for all of our students. Jennifer and I presented this idea to our administrators, and they encouraged us to implement it right away. We quickly noticed a significant improvement in student outcomes when they were provided with instruction that was challenging, but at his or her individualized instructional level and pace.

In 2010, Mrs. Nicholson became the first teacher on our team to create a classroom website and daily blog via The classroom website provided parents a place to check-in to see the standards currently being addressed, weekly photos of student activities, websites for extra practice, homework schedules, classroom news and a copy of printable homework sheets. 

Mrs. Nicholson also established our annual spring third grade theater production with a focus on social skills and emotional development. Each year, the third graders at Page Hilltop, perform a play for the entire elementary school and their families. With the help of Mrs. Nicholson, we have collected 5 plays (one per year) that emphasizes positive social skills. The production is always a well attended event that helps create a sense of unity within the community.

Mrs. Nicholson made so many positive changes to our team. She is the most positive, organized and passionate educator I have ever worked with in my career. I hope Watertown gives Jennifer the chance to make Watertown even more amazing as a member of the Watertown School Committee. 

Lynn Oppenheim

Special Education Teacher

Page Hilltop Elementary School

To Whom it may concern, 

I met Jennifer Nicholson in 2011, when she welcomed me into her 3rd grade classroom at Page Hilltop as my student teaching mentor. 

Jennifer’s classroom was special; it was warm, inviting and a place that I felt comfortable to co-teach in. Her students thrived with her because she showed such a love for young minds. She was a great team player to all teachers and staff. I couldn’t have asked for a better student teaching experience. I have been teaching for almost ten years now, and I still use ideas and strategies that Jennifer implemented. 

She is so creative, passionate and detail oriented. I have no doubt she would make an incredible member on the Watertown School Committee. 

Best Regards, 

Jillian Oliveira 

5th Grade Teacher, Nissitissit Middle School

August 2021

I have known Jen Nicholson for 13 years. I supported Jen in her classroom as her special education paraeducator. 

She always impressed me with her tireless commitment and dedication to her students and their families. She was always flexible and creative, ensuring each student had the opportunity to learn to their fullest potential.

Jen was an integral member of our faculty and admired for her collaboration with the team and the energy in which she approached everything.

Anne Crompton-Reeves

Watertown Endorsements (2021)

John Lawn
Massachusetts State Representative

Watertown Educators Association (WEA)
Executive Board

Kenneth Woodland
Former District D Town Councilor

Watertown Firefighters
IAFF Local 1347

Steve Messina
Former Watertown School Committee Member